UK is in the drivers seat, here’s the story so far. #PositiveNews

With the EU melting in a panic over wanting to reach a deal with the UK, it’s right to say the UK is in a great place to take control of negotiations. The strategy under the old regime of Theresa May was to appease the EU, redesign the meaning behind the reasons for Brexit in hopes it fits the narrative of the EU.
Olly Robins, the previous UK negotiator at one point even played with the idea of moving to the EU after the deal was signed (BBC documentary). Again Olly was not there to negotiate for Britain, but to take orders and then get Theresa May to negotiate for the EU in the UK Parliament.
All this appeasing nearly had us locked into a system in which we couldn’t escape. It was only thanks to Nigel Farage and the Brave men and women of the Brexit Party that applied the pressure, which eventually ousted May, ridding of Olly Robins. Luckily, now we have Boris Johnson in place, who regards Brexit as an opportunity for Britain and not a damage control exercise like May. David Frost, who is the new UK Brexit negotiator, is doing an absolute sterling job with fighting for Britain in Brussels. With Mr Frost keeping to Britain’s redlines, it’s clear to see the pressure is mounting on the EU, finally putting the UK in the driver’s seat.
 All Britain needs to do now is to keep to its guns, and pull through till the end of the year. Only then will you see the true colours of the EU as we hopefully leave on a barebones free trade deal, only to come back on a real level playing field, without being under the house rules of the EU. Only then will you see the real negotiations start to heat up.
We are so close to the end of the this Groundhog Day event. When we leave the EU in its entirety on the 31st December 2021, we will finally see Britain open its sails once again, with her face against the wind, charging the seas to seeking better horizons. The UK will finally be able to seek trade deals from all over the world, creating great partnerships and making long term friends along the way.

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