Not much hope in a breakthrough as round seven of EU – UK trade talks start today in Brussels.

This week we have the return of the EU – UK trade negotiations between Michel Barnier EU and David Frost UK for a third week in a row.

These weekly talks come as the two sides agreed to intensify negotiations between the two sides in an effort to seek common ground for a base of a trade deal. The Brexit discussion will take place in Brussels between Wednesday and Friday.

Britains negotiator has said they hope the talks finally seek a way through the significant differences that still block the way to a trade deal. It’s said that to hurry things along Mr Frost May ask for a list of “political trade-offs” which the EU quickly refused to do so.

An EU source said: “It’d be better to start working on the legal text, but for that, we need more convergence.
“There’s a point when the British are going to have to engage if they don’t want this process to sink.”

A UK Government spokesman said: “Intensified discussions with the EU are ongoing. These continue to be constructive and useful, although significant differences still remain between us on a number of important issues.

Barnier thinking about negotiations
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Boris standing by his ground in negotiations

“We remain committed to working hard to find an early understanding on the principles underlying an agreement out of the intensified process, and we look forward to the upcoming talks this week.”

One close source to the negotiations states: “There’s progress in as far as we are still talking.” But nothing more. Discussions are set to continue in Brussels tomorrow, till Friday, when we will be given an update of progress.

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Merkel running out of options in negotiation leverage.

The new European Rotating President Chancellor Merkel has already fired the warning to prepare for a no-deal exit.

1 thought on “Not much hope in a breakthrough as round seven of EU – UK trade talks start today in Brussels.

  1. With Merkel still in the driving seat, it is obvious that the EU are still hankering n the level playing field – not acceptable to the UK, the role of the ECJ – not acceptable to the UK and the continued access to our waters for fishing – not acceptable to the UK. Now having in mind that we are the sovereign state and the EU are a mere Union although it has become a political dictatorship, everything has got to be the EU way or no way. The EU have got to realise, as a sovereign state, International law is on our side, the EU have no protection from International Law because they are not a sovereign state, they are a political union and as such, the UK has all the cards of the pack. Barnier is well aware that the UK holds all the cards of the pack, that is why he continues to issue threats of recrimination as well as being totally pathetic and childish. Merkel has come to realise that the UK hold all the cards, she has also realised that when we say no, then no it is. Up until very late last year, the EU were having everything their way and were loving it. As soon as Johnson took over and appointed a proper negotiator, that is when the milk started to curdle, the one word they never understood “no” started to be used and they have not liked it ever since. With all this in mind, Merkel can see that because of her continued interference and the incompetence of the Frog Barnier, any opportunity of a good FTA between the UK and the EU is rapidly slipping away, that is why she has told the EU to prepare for the UK finally leaving the EU in every scenario without any FTA. The EU will be the losers.

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