Andrew Bridgen MP goes public, EXPOSING Labour’s handling of the illegal Sweatshops in Leicester East.

Over the last few days, the MSM has shone a light on the immoral sweatshop conditions in Leicester. Andrew Bridgen who is the Conservative MP for Northwest Leicestershire, a neighbouring constituency, was on TalkRADIO with Julia Hartley-Brewer where he opened up the truth about what is going on in Labour-run, Leicester.
Julia claimed the Labour Mayor, Peter Soulsby blames the Conservative government on why this is happening, and it has nothing to do with the Labour-run Leicester City council. Julia said: “we’ve been raising this issue with the government, it is the government that has failed to act and has failed to take action against the sweatshop owners and close them down”.

Mr Bridgen returned fire at those claims made by the Labour Mayor saying: “I think we should be asking for Peter Soulsby how many times you raised it with the central government?”.
“The reason I got involved is because whistleblowers from the city, who have no confidence in their own elected representatives came to me”.
“What we’re seeing is the endemic failure of all protections across the employment laws, health and safety, the local Council, the local police, the fire brigade and that’s quite a coincidence.”
So “saying that there’s a blind eye being turned to it, is probably being generous”.

Julia then goes on to talk about why the likes of the Police, council and other services turn a blind eye to this saying: “There seems to be one rule for one group of people in this country, and one rule for another, and the authorities for whatever reason and I really do struggle to get to the bottom of this, seemed to think that you can’t police certain groups of people because people might then point the finger at you and tell you you’re racist. That, to me, is itself is a form of racism, isn’t it?”
“A lower standard of behaviour, not obeying the laws on minimum wage, or the laws of social distancing during the lockdown, expecting a lower standard for one ethnic group strikes me is blatant racism”.

Mr Bridgen returned saying: “You’re preaching to the converted, the equality needs a quality. That’s a quality of everyone under the law. And what we’re seeing is a selective implementation of the law. We’ve seen that with some of the protests and criminal and lawlessness.”
The Conservative MP then tackles the flare-up of COVID-19 in Leicester East saying: “can I come back on this absolute fantasy that’s Soulsby has been making that the lockdown in Leicester is nothing to do with the sweatshops.”
“Let’s be clear. The main flare-up of the virus in Leicester is in the northeast corner, that’s in the constituency of Leicester East, that is where the sweatshops are all located, that is where the modern slaves are living. Can you imagine that?”

How can you afford housing “on three pounds, four pounds an hour “
“I would point out that the right honourable Keith Vaz was the member representing that area for 33 years until the 12th of December 2019 at the last election “
“one house had over 40 adults living in a three-bedroom house, that is Rife for spreading the virus.”
“that’s over 10 adults per room sleeping”.
Mr Bridgen exposes the total control that Labour has on the affairs of Leicester: “It’s a Labour city, it has three Labour MPS” “Labour police and crime commissioner, 52 out of 54 of the counsellors ” are also Labour.

“I think the Labour party only preside over Leicester. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually run by criminal gangs in Large parts of the city is absolutely Lawless”.
With the evidence that Mr Bridgen presents, who do you think is at fault?

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