Priti Patel – “This simply cannot be permitted to go on,” Ms Patel meets with French counterpart to tackle English Channel migrant crisis.

“This simply cannot be permitted to go on,” she advised President Emmanuel Macron’s interior minister. They agreed to establish a new intelligence device that was cross-Channel. In a statement following the meeting, Ms Patel explained: “I’ve been in France today seeing firsthand the substantial work undertaken on that side of the Channel to tackle the unacceptably high levels of small boats, together with the attempts of Border Force and the National Crime Agency in the UK.”

“But despite all the actions taken by law enforcement so far – intercepting the ships, making arrests, returning individuals to France and putting the offenders accountable for bars – the numbers continue to increase. This simply cannot be allowed to proceed.”
“Today I have signed an agreement with the French to make a joint intelligence cell which will crack down on the gangs behind this vile people smuggling operation and amazed on my French counterpart that the necessity to stop these illegal crossings for the sake of both our nations.”
“Here is the start of a brand new operational approach with the newly appointed French Interior Minister.”
Ms Patel told Mr Darmanin, who took his job earlier this month, the Channel crossings were becoming”extraordinary”, pointing into the origin of four people caught attempting the ship in an inflatable paddling pool.
She insisted that the UK “wants results” from French action to suppress the crossings and has been prepared to send migrants captured making the journey to France. The group signed an agreement to prepare an “intelligence sharing mobile” to pool data on the criminal gangs responsible for many of the crossings. 
The source said: “Priti is incredibly displeased with the amount of small boats making this journey and amazed on the French the need to prevent these illegal crossings for the advantage of both nations.”Immigration Minister Chris Philp and Ed Lewellyn, the UK’s ambassador to France accompanied ms Patel, on her visit. 
Wearing a face mask due to coronavirus, she also toured the site of a migrant camp recently cleared by the French authorities.
Yesterday there were reports of a record breaking day with over 200 illegal migrants Crossing the English Channel, making British land yesterday. 

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