Costings for boarding up Sir Winston Churchill’s statue by Mayor of London revealed.

It’s come to light that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spent a shocking amount of money on boarding up statues he deemed as flashpoints of violence.

Under a freedom of information act, figures have been revealed that the boarding up of Sir Winston Churchills statue cost a whopping £10,147, with a further £21,115 spent boarding up former world leaders Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. BLM graffiti removal throughout Parliament and Trafalgar Squares cost a further £3000.

With the London Mayor Boarding up the statue of Sir Winston Churchill for six weeks due to BLM and Antifa vandalising it with spray paint. Mr Khan came under massive pressure from the Home Secretary Priti Patel saying Khan was too weak in standing up to “thuggery”, demanding the statues be unboxed.

Even Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen called for the resignation of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Scotland Yard Commissioner Cressida Dick for covering up Sir Winston Churchill.

He said: “Churchill’s famous words ‘We will never surrender’ is completely undermined by London Mayor Sadiq Kahn’s appeasement of the mob.
“It’s a national humiliation, Sadiq Kahn must resign and so should Cressida Dick.”
Sadiq defended his move for boarding up Churchill’s statue saying it was a very “wise” decision.

1 thought on “Costings for boarding up Sir Winston Churchill’s statue by Mayor of London revealed.

  1. If these costs are factual, then it proves the point that City Hall needs investigating, specifically the finance and procurement, these costs are a rip off. However, as Khan can be held mostly responsible because it is his ilk and attitude that has caused all of this, then he should be forced to pay the full costs out of his own pocket. Perhaps he will get the half brain cell matched up with the other half brain cell and totally ban all of these protest marches, specifically the BLM demonstrations and criminal damage by those that have not even got half a brain cell. All this BLM crap is an excuse by those that are guests in pour country and the agitators who will always stir up trouble whatever the occasion. You only have to look at the mouths of those in the forefront of these BLM women to see that they have not got brain cells between the ears, what they do possess is in their backsides and the jaw. Shut them all down once and for all. Those that do not like it, they can all depart from the UK and go back to their family roots. Sick of the lot of them.

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