OUR REACTION /// Boris spoke to Merkel on the phone, Merkel isn’t happy!

As the 6th round of talks commences in London this week, David Frost and Michel Barnier go head to head to see if common ground can be found to pull a deal together. With negotiation time is running out before the UK leaves the transition period on 31st Dec 2020, the EU are in a rush to find a deal. It was reported on Tuesday that Boris told Merkel over the phone that “The UK equally would be ready to leave the transition period on Australia terms”. This has sent the EU into a panic. Below is our reaction 


1 thought on “OUR REACTION /// Boris spoke to Merkel on the phone, Merkel isn’t happy!

  1. Do we really care what the EU or Merkel or any of the other Germany/French corruption machine really think? At the end of the day as a sovereign nation we hold the upper hand and all the ace cards, the EU and the German/French corruption machine hold absolutely nothing. They have got to get used to the fact that they have picked a fight that they are losing on a daily basis. Johnson has got to be abundantly clear to Merkel and von der Leyen once and for all, the UK will leave completely cutting all ties with the EU on 31st July without a deal, no more negotiations, no more threats, no more innuendos, we walk away at the end of the month unless the EU accept all of our demands.

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