High paid civil servants use eye watering sums of public funds to pay for tax bills.

No 10 has come under fire for its decision to fulfil Sir Mark’s other function as national security adviser with David Frost. He is expected to prioritise his role in negotiating the UK’s deal with all the EU while learning his new job.
The move is widely seen as the start of upheaval, though, which has been championed by Mr Cummings.


Since the Westminster revolution seems to be underway, reports reveal how Whitehall departments sparked outrage from 2013, as it emerged they had been subsidising the taxes benefits such as cars, first-class rail travel and rent-free accommodation.

The effect of the deal was supposed to grow the value of officials’ pay packages by up to £30,000 a year at the cost of taxpayers.

Those who profited from the scheme included Sir David Nicholson, the former head of NHS England Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary; and Phillippa Williamson, the former head of the Serious Fraud Office.

From the private sector, the employee, not the employer usually meets tax benefits’ expense.
Mr Bacon said: “Most taxpayers are surprised to find this sort of thing is tax-free.
“These are out there with what you would anticipate from the way people in the private sector are treated.

“Taxpayers are currently paying a lot for these people; I do not think that they are hoping to dig in their pocket to pay for the tax on the benefit too.”
“Some businesses also do this to get their chief executives, but this is certainly not common.”
Appreciated the use of a Toyota Prius that was chauffeur-driven as the most senior civil servant of Britain.

He used the car to travel in Clapham, south London between Westminster and also his townhome, and also for business.
According to Cabinet Office accounts, the vehicle, such as chauffeur, price taxpayers £172,100 in 2011 and 2012.

The figure included the tax invoice for the benefit, which might have been an estimated £49,243.

Sir Jeremy had a role from the austerity programme crossing throughout Whitehall and Westminster, which led to hundreds of thousands of public sector workers losing their jobs.

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office failed to say Sir Jeremy made use of the car but said that he shared it with the head of the Civil Service Sir Bob Kerslake and other officials.

She added: “We’re following established HMRC procedure, that has been set for many decades.”

HMRC also insisted that the structures were above board.

Cars are taxable and provided by an employer that are available for employee usage are a benefit in kind for the employee. These principles have been in place for 37 years.
“Employers may choose to cover the tax due on the benefit if any such payment will constitute another benefit.

“This is quite a frequent practice by employers and is a matter between employer and worker. HMRC makes sure each of the tax due is paid.”

1 thought on “High paid civil servants use eye watering sums of public funds to pay for tax bills.

  1. Yet another tax dodge by the corrupt civil servants. Is it no wonder that Cummings is gunning for them so as to cut out the waste and the huge unjustifiable amounts of money these incompetents and corrupt public workers are costing us the taxpayer every year. What also needs to be looked at with these corrupt civil servants, right across the board in every single department is, how many actually do not have a job and how many are actually costing the department huge swathes of money for their incompetence. If every department was looked at very closely, then I am sure that it would be very very easy to shed at least 50% of these civil servants in each department and have even more room for kicking even more out of a cosy job. Look at the MOD as a prime example, look at the vast amounts of incompetence and corrupt practices that goes on in procurement alone. Not one single contract is run on time and on budget. Whatever the project, it is always running years behind schedule and way over budget. They cannot even order and actually purchase basics like uniforms without the procurement running at least 2 years behind schedule and at least 3 times over budget. Take this on every single contract in every single department and the costs are £billions totally wasted, all because of incompetent civil servants and the corruption machine being in place. All the government quango’s need to be closed down as well, can start with NHS England, Public Health England and all the other NHS linked quango’s with all their directors for pencil rubbers. Save the country £billions every single year just be doing very basic housekeeping.

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