Kayleigh McEnany destroys the race-baiting press, after they add words and spin Trumps tweet.

At today’s White House press conference, US Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, had to deal with the gutter FAKE NEWS press. The media, in the clip below, shows the disgusting divide and conquer technique being used by the press to try and divide people by race. They did this by implementing their own words into Trumps tweet, and projecting it to the world as if Trump posted a racist tweet. 
The real tweet posted by President Trump, shot down the FAKE NEWS race narrative that was pushed by the press for weeks. Trumps tweet, showed solidarity with the everyday American, regardless of race, by standing up for innocent Americans who follow NASCAR, who were wrongly accused of being racist by the gutter press. The clip below exposes the race-baiting media’s attempt to divide people by race, and to be truthful, thanks to Kayleigh; it was fully exposed.

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