EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE – English Channel Crisis continues- 10 illegal migrants picked up from English Channel handed to U.K. Border Force and brought to Dover where coach awaits.

This morning, we received reports from our man on the ground, Chris Johnson of a handover taking place in the English Channel between the French Navy and British Border Force. 

A call came in to the French coast guard around 5:45am this morning, saying a migrant boat had been spotted in French waters (English Channel). The French Navy vessel quickly arrived soon after.
A call went out to the Border Force cutter from Ramsgate which arrived on the scene around 7:45am to pick up around 10 illegal migrants. The Border Force vessel arrived into Dover around 8:45am for processing and coaches awaited to take the illegal migrants to an unknown destination. 
These scenes will continue as water become calm, and good weather approaches. This isn’t being reported by the media so we ask you to please share far and wide. 

Whilst we continue to be under the EU rules and laws in this transition period scenes like this will continue. 
Illegal migrants being escorted to Dover
Border Force cutter escorting the way to Britain
Illegal brought to the shores of Dover for processing with coach awaiting to take them away to an unknown destination.

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