EU COMMISSIONER – Do the UK even want a deal? “I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side”

Questions have started to be asked in Brussels on whether the UK wants a deal with the EU. The questions began after the talks in Brussels last week collapsed after the EU demanded the UK to adhere to rules that would hinder the UK as a sovereign independent nation after the transition period ended.


European Commissioner for trade, Phil Hogan went on the RTÉ’s Brendan O’Connor programme with Damien O’Reilly, where he said: “I still believe there will be a deal. The ambition of that deal on the European Union side is real.

“I don’t see the same ambition at the moment on the UK’s side so; the ball is in the UK’s court if they want a deal, there is a deal to be done.
“Very little has happened in the last few months, and there’s a frustration on the EU side about the fact that the good faith in terms of the negotiations that are required on both sides is not happening to the extent that it should.
“Not any old deal will do.”

In recent months, the EU has blamed the UK in these negotiations for not playing in good faith, but when you look at the terms given to the UK to sign up to, is it any wonder why the UK has rejected their offerings. It’s clear that the EU can not accept rejection and looks like any rejection of their terms is seen in their eyes as not playing fairly. The EU needs to realise that you can still refuse terms while playing fairly. Playing fairly doesn’t mean obeying the EU, signing up to what’s given, without any scrutiny or questions asked.

Mr Hogan went onto expand the divisions around fisheries and the role of the European Court of Justice in resolving disputes. Mr Hogan said: “Boris Johnson has explicitly stated that he wants a deal, so we need to see movement on the UK side soon or else it’s going to be too late.”

This week Mr Barnier will be in the UK to meet UK negotiator David Frost for face to face meetings, this is the first meeting in the UK the two sides have met since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. The 6th round of talks will be held be to try and thrash out their differences on the current problematic areas. Still, with time running out, it’s clear to see the EU dreading the thought of the UK leaving the transition period without a deal allowing the UK to compete in the world once again.

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