Brexit Party Chairman, Richard Tice stands up for Britain on fishing. “We would deal with the EU very simply, by saying that fishing is off the table.”

Richard Tice, Brexit Party chairman, has come out slamming the EU saying it is the EU that needs to drop its red lines, not Britain. He goes on to say that the simple fact that fish reside in the UK doesn’t mean that can have instant access into our waters.


In an interview with the Express, Mr Tice said: He said: “To put in context, for every one job at sea there are seven of eight jobs onshore.
“These jobs happen and would be created in some of the most deprived areas and who need the greatest regeneration around our coast.
“It is a huge opportunity, and we must not be tempted to give it away to secure a trade deal.
“These are separate issues, these are our waters, and we must take back full control and maximise this Brexit opportunity.”

With transition period negotiations ongoing, a deal on fisheries is still to be agreed. Boris said he wants the agreement on fishing to be a separate annual agreement. Mr Tice said: Mr Tice said: “We would deal with the EU very simply, by saying that fishing is off the table.
“Under the political declaration of the future arrangements, it said the UK and the EU have to try to agree terms on a new fishing deal by July.
“If you can’t agree, you can’t agree.
“We were always going to take back our fishing waters, it is absolutely critical that we do that.”

He continues: “We want a deal where we have a simple set of arrangements where we assess the deal and look at how we allow licences and quotas on a yearly basis, not dissimilar to what countries like Norway do and other independent nations.
“So that yes there can be some access for EU boats, but it is on our terms, and we need to be able to assess it.”

Mr Tice then stated the importance of fisheries for our coastal areas.  

He said: “It not only key for the jobs and the regeneration of entire coastal areas but it also emotionally important.

“As a maritime trading nation, fishing is part of our heritage.

“People feel very strongly about it and want to make sure we get that benefit.”

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