Mr Barnier is looking “a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.”

With the latest round of talks ending without any shift towards a deal, it is clear that panic is setting in within the EU commission and negotiators. Brexit party Chairman, Richard Tice has said you can clearly see the pressure building with the EU negotiators to reach a deal.

During an interview with the Express newspaper, Mr Tice said: “The EU has got a very good negotiating team.
“They conned us into agreeing on a ridiculous sequencing process.
“They have revealed themselves to be strategically very smart and very confident.
“When things don’t go their way, and they are not currently going their way, they lose their temperament and get cross very quickly.
“The EU like to hold all the cards and have the upper hand, that is what they got used to with our previous negotiators, that has now changed.
Mr Tice went onto say that Michel Barnier has lost his cool numerous times which is out of character but shows he is not in control of the negotiations. Mr Tice said: “Michel Barnier is suave and sophisticated with this French charm.
“But he is starting to look a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.
“While they would never admit it, the pressure is much greater on the EU.”
The EU is under mass pressure to find an agreement to help trade flow between the EU and the UK, especially now certain countries are exposed to recession due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Mr Tice said: “The truth is every country is going to be exposed to a recession of varying degree.
“The UK is going to have a deep recession as will all the countries in the EU, and they want someone to pay the bills.
“The biggest strongest countries are going to have to bear the greatest burden, just like the UK always has.
“We have always been a cash cow for the EU and paid handsomely, we have also always suffered a massive trade deficit because of it.”
He said: “In a sense, the stakes have got higher because of the virus.
“This is because of the economic damage that has been done, not only Europe wide but worldwide.
“A risk of further threats is now imposed on every nation.”

1 thought on “Mr Barnier is looking “a little rough around the edges, and that is because things are not going their way.”

  1. The EU have been running scared since December when Johnson won a landslide general election and he manged at the same time to get rid of all those corrupt MP’s that have been traitors to the UK for far too long. The only one that is remaining on the Tory side is incompetent treasonous May. Even she is not safe, the slightest chance of getting rid of her, Johnson will not hesitate. All the while she was the PM, she was giving everything away to the EU because of her incompetence as well as that of the civil servants. As soon as the tables were turned, then the EU became very scared and have continued to be very scared at Johnson’s threat to walk away without any form of an FTA. The EU know full well, Johnson has the backing of the majority of the country when it comes to the EU, just another cause for them to be running very scared. As for the Frogs, they have always been corrupt to the very core, every leader they have had has been proved to be very corrupt, Macaroon is no different.

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