Lega Leader Salvini slams the EU: “Europe has been making fun of us for months, if not for years. All the money they promised us are Monopoly money that might arrive next year.”

All isn’t well with the EU, on Thursday the Lega Leader Matteo Salvini, went after the EU, slamming the commission over the coronavirus recovery fund claiming that all the commission has promised Italy is “Monopoly Money”.

Speaking to TG2 Salvini Said: “Europe has been making fun of us for months, if not for years. All the money they promised us are Monopoly money that might arrive next year.
“And we will have to give it back with interests under conditions decided for us in Luxembourg.
“Weirdly, everyone is rejecting them.”
He added: “I’m not ‘anti-Europe’.
“I have been calling for some time to reset the Procurement Code and to use EU legislation to unblock construction sites in Italy.
“Today, the EU Commission has recognised a plasma cure.
“When it works, I’m ready to say “Viva Europa”, but for now, all I hear is words.”
This comes before the EU scheduled meeting, which is set to take place on July 17-18 to discuss the COVID-19 stimulus package and their next joint budget. This would be one of the first face to face meetings to take place since the Coronavirus lockdown.
Dutch PM states there is no urgency to reach an agreement on the proposed EU recovery plan saying: “It is not an absolute necessity for us to get an agreement there”.
Then said: “I don’t think we need this crazy hurry,”
The Dutch PM spoke to Italian daily Corriere on Friday stating he is willing to support a support fund for recovery, but only if there was a significant change to the said proposal set out by the EU commission.
Mr Rutte said: “I think that the Commission’s proposal contains room to continue the discussion,”
“Without a doubt, there are differences. The negotiation will be tough, it will take some time, but a compromise is possible.”
With the eye-watering sums of money coming from those with strong economies in the EU. Mr Rutte said he would prefer the money
to be given in low-cost loans saying: “Holland understands and supports the appeal for solidarity. But responsibility also means that we have to take our own.
“We owe solidarity to the countries that have been most affected by the pandemic, knowing however that we too have been seriously affected.
“This means that states which need and deserve help must also ensure that they are able to deal with such crises in a resilient way in the future. And I want to add that I admire what Giuseppe Conte does, trying to launch a package of reforms aimed at increasing Italy’s productivity and competitiveness, including unpopular measures.
“It’s a good start, and I hope he continues. Because it is crucial that Italy will be able to respond to a crisis on its own next time.”

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