Labour MP says BBC regional funding cuts are “damaging and unwelcome”.

With people calling for the defunding of the BBC, due to its bias, Labour says it’s unwelcome that BBC regional funding has been cut. Labour MP Chris Matheson shadow minister for media stated that even though it wasn’t unexpected, these cuts to regional BBC services were damaging and unwelcome. 

The MP said: “While not unexpected, these cuts are still very damaging and unwelcome. Regional news is among the most trusted with some of the highest viewing and listening figures.”


The Labour MP then starts to defend BBC Regional investigative journalism saying: “Regional investigative journalism, such as Inside Out, have been groundbreaking over the last two decades and served a need that cannot be met nationally.”

Chris Matheson continues: “Although some of these cuts have been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic affecting production, the root cause remains the government’s decision to slash BBC funding. We’ve seen £800 million lost so far in this charter period, not to mention the Tories’ broken promise on the over-75s’ free TV licence, where the cost of £250 million was passed to the BBC.
“Ministers need to take responsibility and stop hiding behind the BBC management – the government caused these cuts; they should stand up and be counted.”
The calling for the defunding of the BBC partially started due to the bias propaganda the BBC was pushing over the Pre Brexit vote Period, then again Post Brexit vote period. Each time it was all about doing down Britain, publicly ridiculing voters, hinting towards them as some racist little Englander because they dared vote to leave the EU. Not only that, but the guest selection on political shows like QT was also always majorly swayed in favour of those who wanted to remain in the EU.
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