Boris won’t be taking the knee: “I don’t want people to be bullied into doing things that they don’t necessarily want to do.”

This morning Boris Johnson was interviewed on LBC. During the Nick Ferrari show this morning, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he didn’t want people to be forced to take the knee due to pressure from the protesters. With some Police Officers taking the knee during these BLM protests due to pressure and then being attacked soon after, Johnson suggested no one should be intimidated or pressured to take the knee.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Johnson said: “I don’t believe in gestures, I believe in substance. I believe in doing things.
“If you look at what this Government has done over the last few years, when I was running this city, I massively increased black and minority representation in the Metropolitan Police.
“I want to see that happen across the country.
“What we’ve seen in the last ten years is young black kids doing the toughest subjects in school, we’ve seen more young black kids going to the best universities in this country, and that’s what I want to see.”
Nick Ferrari then Pressured the Prime Minister to answer if he would be taking the knee. Boris returned saying: “I don’t want people to be bullied into doing things that they don’t necessarily want to do at any given moment.
“If you think what happened with those police officers standing at the Cenotaph, they were being insulted in quite aggressive terms by some members of the crowd and being told to take the knee.
“Some of them did, and it was very difficult then for the others who didn’t.
“I think it’s very important that you don’t do things that make life difficult or embarrassing for others.”

With it now being common knowledge that BLM wants the full destruction of the Police, end to capitalism, removal of history, people have started to u-turn on their support. With Boris Johnson saying no one should be forced to take the knee, the next question to ask is why organisations like the Premier League appear to apply pressure on the players to take the knee, and with the aims of BLM being common knowledge, do the Premier League support those aims with their promotion of the organisation?

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  1. The only person I would take the knee for is our Queen. I would moist definitely not take it for anybody or anything else. All of this BLM rubbish is hyped up by the agitators throughout the world who will use any excuse to cause issues with threats and intimidation against anybody or anything that does not agree with their mentality. All of this BLM is nothing to do with black people, all these stupid issues like demanding these statues have to be removed, buildings renamed even down to the absolute stupidity of developers of computer parts deciding nobody will be allowed to name a second hard drive on a computer as a slave drive, or use the words black and white. It is absolute stupidity and it is about time all of those making these demands on the world grew up and acted their ages and stopped acting like spoilt brats. It is also about time that the law enforcement agencies and the courts started to hammer all of these that cause criminal damage, cause injury verbal or physical or both. Hammer them with a stiff prison sentence. Anybody injuring a police officer in any way during these demos should get a starting point prison sentence of 10 years, a £5,000 compensation and if they are foreigners, once the sentence and the compensation is fully paid, immediately deported. Enough of all this stupidity throughout the world really is enough. All of this BLM crap is politically motivated and these so-called professional people are falling for it, including these so-called professional footballers. Stop the stupidity and get on and do what they are seriously overpaid to do.

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