Anna Soubry takes to social media in a panic over a No Deal exit, “The date for an extension has passed and we’re perilously close to the no-deal”

With the extension deadline date expired, remainers and big businesses have suddenly started to react in their effort to influence Boris Johnson’s thinking when it comes to negotiations. This is a last-ditch attempt as its only a few months till we leave the transition period, meaning time is rapidly running out to agree a deal

Prominent remainer, Anna Soubry, has decided to take to social media, in her attempt to re-stir fear over the high possibility outcome of a no-deal. Anna’s Tweeted: “The date for an extension has passed & we’re perilously close to the no-deal #Brexit Leave leaders promised would never happen but which we now know they actually want.” 
 “#Covid19 will be a convenient mask for the impending economic disaster of #NoDeal. 
“They just keep on lying to us.” 

Anna’s reaction comes after 100 UK company bosses signed a letter that was sent to Boris Johnson, again, trying to sway Boris from leaving the transition period without a deal. Part of the letter reads: “in more people out of work and lower living standards”. It added businesses “simply do not have time or capacity to prepare for big changes in trading rules by the end of the year — especially given that we are already grappling with the upheaval caused by coronavirus”. 

With the 5th round of negotiations underway this week, Barnier and Merkel have been doing their best to request Boris Johnson to be more realistic his stance on the EU’s key demand of a “level playing field”. 
If Boris Johnson’s team accepted this request, it would mean the UK would not be able to compete for better trade deals than what the EU currently holds, it would affect what state aid would be given to businesses if it was needed, and ECJ rules would have a say and scrutinise Britain if it was to ever step out of line. 

Boris Johnson and David Frost have flat out rejected any request to sign up to a “level playing field” demand, saying that the demand would hinder the freedoms and sovereignty of the UK as it seeks trade deals from around the world. With the passing of the extension deadline  there is now only one path that lies ahead, that is DEAL or NO DEAL.

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