Ex UK Border Force Director, Britain currently has “no authority to return them (illegal migrants) to France”

Until they can make an application for asylum, migrants who cross the Channel in small ships should be returned to France, the head of the Border Force explained. Tony Smith said it’d be the only way to prevent people smugglers endangering the lives of vulnerable people. 


An agreement between British and French governments would be required,” he explained. Home Office minister Chris Philp said the government was “reviewing laws that prevent us from taking stronger action to prevent illegal migration”. Priti Patel and her counterpart in France, Christophe Castaner, vowed in September 2019 to make crossings a “rare phenomenon” by springs 2020. 

Over 2,400 people have crossed the Channel at ships while 4,500 have done since November 2018. Mr Smith, who served as Border Force’s interim director general between 2012 and 2013, told the BBC that returning migrants into France would “send a message into the smugglers that it is not going to work”.
‘People will drown’ Turning overcrowded ships back at sea is “really quite troublesome” without risking lives because migrants have been “trained” by smugglers to resist rescuing from the French and accept support from British vessels, he explained. 
Britain currently has “no authority to return them to France”, so once intercepted by Border Force migrants are brought to the UK, in which they generally claim asylum, he said.
“The only pragmatic solution that I think can be achieved is an international agreement with the French that would enable us to return people, once we’ve established they are safe and well,” he said. 
He said all attempts up to now on each side of the Channel had neglected to “break the mould,” including: “We have to find a method of stopping this since people are going to drown.
“Bridget Chapman, of Kent Refugee Action Network, said the authorities should instead offer “safe and legal passage to those looking for refuge”. 
“Shutting the door in people’s faces won’t solve the problem, and it’s an abdication of our moral responsibility,” she said. 
French Conservative MP Pierre-Henri Dumont has called for migrants to be permitted to file for asylum in British embassies across Europe. Mr Philp said that the government was “tackling these crossings at each level,” adding: “We continue to work tirelessly with our French counterparts that have stopped over 1,000 migrants this year from making the perilous journey.”

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  1. These illegals are not asylum seekers, they are economic migrants. If they were genuine refugees and/or genuine asylum seekers, then they would be more than happy to claim asylum in the first safe country they land in. To prove the point they are economic migrants, they have travelled through numerous safe countries just so as to get to the UK. They have had it drummed into them, the UK is the country of free, they get paid for landing on our shores, they get fed and watered, they get everything they demand and more, all at the cost to the UK taxpayer. Even this shower Kent Refugee Network are in on the bandwagon. If they are so happy for all these economic migrants to be here in the UK and demanding that it is our moral duty to take them all in, then perhaps they will put them all up in the spacious houses, bungalows and whatever, feed and water them, give them pocket money rather than having them be a burden on the taxpayer. I doubt that any of this shower will do that, they will all demand that they have to work or they are pensioners or they have not got the room, they cannot afford to support anybody else. And as the whole saga goes on. We do not have a moral or legal responsibility to any of these migrants, if anything, these migrants have a legal and moral duty not to come here and sniff cash out of our trough when there are far more deserving home bred people that require assistance. Send the lot back to France, men women and children, send the lot back and let the corrupt Frogs sort their issues out. We do not want any of them, our charity begins at home and that charity does not include any foreign body. May seem harsh, but it is the only way to get the message out to them, do not come to the UK legally or illegally because you will not be allowed to land and you will be returned to your homeland, we do not want you.

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