VIDEO – Nigel Farage slams the Reading terrorist and the Government for its response.

Over the last few days, Nigel Farage has posted a video condemning the acts of the Libyan terrorist who devastatingly took three lives in Reading last week. Nigel Farage came out strong, criticising how the narrative around this tragic incident was instantly labelled as “mental illness”, by the media, without any investigation or discussion, instead of calling out what it is, Jihadism. 


Nigel said: “Media favourite about mental illness. They’re very very keen, as quickly as they can to say, ‘this was about mental illness’, they don’t really want to talk about Jihadism or any other potential problem”. 

Nigel Farage then goes on to criticise the Prime Ministers weak response to the tragedy saying: “in response to it all what do we get?, We get the Prime Minister saying that we must look at this, and we must learn some of the lessons from this. How many times have we heard that from home secretaries and prime ministers?.” 

Rightly Nigel then criticises how this man was allowed to remain in Britain saying: “let’s just look at this young man. He entered this country illegally in 2012. He came from Libya. He told people he was fighting against Colonel Gaddafi.” 
 “There were no grounds to give this guy Asylum, no grounds to give him Refugee status”. 
 “After six years of being illegally in the United Kingdom, He was in 2018 granted Asylum.” 
 “He then began a series of very very nasty, horrible criminal actions including racially aggravated assault, he spat at a police officer, abused the police officer, behaved appallingly. In court “he made it “perfectly clear, him and his brother” that “they absolutely loathed and reviled this country.” 
Mr Farage then goes on to state that until the Government adopts a stricter stance on illegal immigration and human rights, there will be no change. 
Nigel said: “until we have a government that actually wants to be a little bit conservative for a change. Nothing is going to get better”. 
Mr Farage does have a point; every time we have an incident of this kind, excuses and narrative are instantly put out by the media and Government before any investigation has taken place. The Government needs to start putting the safety and security of British citizens first instead of sweeping incidents like this to one side without any real stern action. 
What’re your thoughts about this? Have the Government been strong enough on this?

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