Tory Brexiteer MP, Andrew Bridgen: we “hold all the cards in these trade talks”

With today being the first time in months the EU and UK negotiators have been able to speak face to face, there is plenty of talk that David Frost holds the upper hand “holding all the cards”. In an interview with the Express, Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen said: “Their Achilles’ heel – I said before the election, we would hold all the cards in these trade talks – the biggest card is that we are the purchaser.

“We buy a lot more from them than they do from us, therefore that’s a very good card – the tens of billions of pounds trade surplus they have with us.

“The other one is that we can do deals with the Americans, the Canadians, the Australians and the New Zealanders.

“If we haven’t got a deal with the EU we will be buying more goods from them.

“17 percent of all EU exports currently go to the UK – you’d have thought they’d want to protect that market.”

Mr Bridgen envisages great opportunities for Britain in a post brexit era.

Mr Bridgen said: “If we join the Trans Pacific Partnership, it will be a bigger trading bloc than the EU.

“And they aren’t asking to take our fish or be governed by their laws and courts.

“If we had extended the transition period, that precludes us from doing trade deals with other countries who want to do a trade deal.

“America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – we will get all of those – and I’m confident we will get them very quickly.

“And also that ramps up the pressure on the EU, because when you are buying off someone you only need choice don’t you?”

Mr Bridgen also argued that a variety of industries across Europe will struggle without UK custom.

He added: “Car sales in Germany will take a hit, food from Spain and France – they will be badly hit.

“If we don’t get a free trade agreement, it could make it less likely that people go on holiday in Europe, so tourism could also take a hit.”

“There seems to be ground to compromise, for establishing fishing access in negotiations every three years, five years, seven years. There is a huge middle ground there.”

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