VIDEO – Andrew Marr’s attempt to publicly label President Trump a racist backfires.

This morning, on the BBCs Andrew Marr show, there was a guest from Trumps administration, Doctor Ben Carson. Andrew Marr kicked off, trying to insinuate that Trump is a racist. Marr then asks Doctor Ben Carson directly “is he (Trump) a racist?”
Doctor Carson makes a brilliant response, destroying Andrew Marr’s FAKE NEWS NARRATIVE …
Ben Carson said: “I would say President Trump when he was in New York, received special awards from Jesse Jackson because he opened up so many employment opportunities for people in the black community.”
“I would say when he moved to Palm Beach, he was on the forefront of getting the club’s to integrate, with Jews, and with blacks.”
“I would say when he became president, he brought the HBCU office, historically black college and University into the White House so that it could get the appropriate attention and the amount of funding has gone up dramatically and its long-term funding now”.
“Criminal Justice Reform, he actually got done, people have been talking about it forever”.
“Opportunity zones, encouraging people to take unrealized capital gains and inject those and to the traditionally neglected areas, economically neglected areas”.
Doctor Ben Carson Destroys Andrew Marr’s Narrative that President Trumps a racist.
“if those are the acts of a racist, I don’t know what a racist is”.
As we all know in the UK, the only people who label Trump a racist are those on the left of politics, the same people who use the black vote and push divide and division on the media in the UK and US. This narrative of Trump being a racist is cooked up by the elite media and intended to get you, the viewer of news, to relate the word Trump to racist, which he is not. As Doctor Ben Carson said then even after all the achievements he listed… “if those are the acts of a racist, I don’t know what a racist is”.
Andrew Marr pushing a Fake News narrative.

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