14 illegal migrants rescued after they attempted to cross the English Channel in extremely rough conditions

Reports have come to us that 14 illegal migrants had to be rescued after they attempted to cross the English Channel in extremely rough conditions. They made it into British waters, and from what reports suggest, the UK Border Force was called out to collect 14 migrants in two inflatable dinghies. 


This has been one of many attempts by migrants over the last week to make it into British waters. Luckily no deaths have come from these crossing so far, but with the English Channel being one of the busiest shipping and ferry lanes in the world, fears are that it’s only a matter of time before something tragic happens. 

These reports came after there were two illegal beached boat landings in Kingsdown and Samphire Hoe beach. These landings took place on Thursday, the majority of the illegal migrants were onshore and picked up by authorities. The rest were spotted in the wooded area around Kingsdown where police were called of their location.
All along the Southern England Coastline, there have been constant reports of boats being beached and handovers happening between the French Navy and UK Border Force in the English Channel.

Migrants that beached on Samphire Hoe beach caught by authorities

This week alone into Dover we’ve calculated an average of 280 illegal migrants who were picked up in the Channel, brought back to Dover and sent away to a third location on coaches that were at the ready.

The local to Dover MP Mrs Elphicke stated that she wanted a firmer stance on what’s happening to deter people from making the dangerous crossings. The week of June the 12th Mrs Elphicke was in Parliament speaking. The MP said: “Newborn babies put at risk of hypothermia. Toddlers stripped of their life jackets and dangled over the side to prevent interceptions. Pregnant women forced to board at gunpoint.

“Does the Home Secretary agree with me that it’s humanitarian as well as the right thing to do to tackle and put a stop to these ruthless criminal gangs, and return boats to France and to give her the legal powers she needs to put a stop to the crossings once and for all?”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “My Honourable Friend is absolutely right. And she will know from the discussions we’ve had even as recently as Friday the extent to which the level of criminals and the exposure and the abuse that’s undertaken by the people traffickers who are forcing mothers and children onto unseaworthy vessels.
“My Honourable Friend the Immigration Minister earlier on outlined the approach that this Government is taking to tackle the abuses, go after the criminals and the facilitators of this crime and we will not stop pursuing until we absolutely break the pathway these criminal gangs are using.”

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