French MEP takes a swipe at Barnier, labelling him a “cold EU technocrat”.

Brussels bosses were labelled “cold EU technocrats”, as French MEP takes a swipe at Barniers handling of the Brexit negotiations. The French MEP, Jérôme Rivièreto, told the EU Parliament that Britain was heading in the right direction.
In Jérôme Rivière speech he deliberately singled out EU negotiator Michel Barnier over his stance in these negotiations saying Barnier “embodied the condescending and cold approach” of Brussels.
This came after Michele Barnier held an update meeting talking about the current trade talks between Britain and the EU. Jérôme Rivièreto said: “A people has chosen to leave the EU – it is a reality, and there will be no transition delay. “When the people rule, they can choose their path. That is true for Boris Johnson, who is not going back on his word.
“Those that said London would have problems over Brexit have been proved wrong.” Mr Rivière continued to say: “Instead, it is the EU that is worrying about competition in all areas in the UK throwing off its chains.
“All problems won’t be resolved by a magic Brexit wand, and France isn’t the UK, but this is the right direction.
“This is a country not submitting to others, a friend of Europe. We should strive to be a Europe of nations, rather than an EU of cold condescending technocrats so well embodied by Michel Barnier”.
It’s clear to see a rise in panic as the EU negotiator tries to seek a deal on behalf of fellow member states in such a small amount of time. Barnier was evidently angry during the last negotiation briefing, this was due to no progress being made. Barnier has since been given the green light by Commission President Ursula Von De Layen to seek a way through to a deal, even if this means dropping some red lines.
The obstacles remaining in the way are around fisheries and the EU’s level playing field terms, both which are being flat out refused by Britain’s negotiator David Frost who said on Twitter: “UK sovereignty, over our laws, our courts, or our fishing waters, is of course not up for discussion.”
Britain is still set to leave the EU on 31st December 2020, which is the departure date set in UK law.

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