CRISIS – French handover 40 illegal migrants to British Border Force in the English Channel.

This morning we got reports around about 4 am that a Border Force cutter went out to patrol the English Channel alongside a search plane that was sent from Doncaster. Around 6 am reports come in that various boats had been spotted in the English Channel.

U.K. Border Force cutter patrolling the English Channel
Illegal migrants being taken to Dover.
Illegal migrants walking off U.K. Border Force Boat to shore

Search Plane headed back to Doncaster around 6:30 am due to approaching storm, lightning and rain in the English Channel. Further reports come in telling of a handover taking place between the French Navy and UK Border Force; reports suggested the French handed over up to 42 illegal migrants to the UK Border Force.


There were multiple trips made to and from Dover by the UK Border Force this morning. There were coaches at the ready to take the migrants away to a third location. Yesterday there were reports of up to 60+ illegal migrants that made it to Dover, as well as 15 illegal migrants found on Kingsdown and Samphire Hoe. On Wednesday there were 78 illegal migrants made into Britain. With the mainstream media not reporting on this crisis, we rely on you to share these stories. 

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