English Channel Crisis – Migrants caught by Police after they entered Britain illegally beaching at Samphire Hoe.

Today we got new reports of Migrants making it to Britain’s shores illegally in dinghies. The report stated that two boats beached on Kingsdown and Samphire Hoe. Many migrants were walking the beach, and some took off on the run. This comes as video captured yesterday showed 78 migrants were handed over to UK Border Force, taken to Dover where coaches were lined up to take them to a third location. We even had reports of someone trying to make it over in a child’s swimming pool.

Below are some photos showing what happened today Samphire Hoe beach.

Dinghy used to get into Britain illegally
Police turned up after reports of the illegal beaching.
Migrants taken into custody
Samphire Hoe Sea front where they landed

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