Polling suggest that even more Britains are more determined than ever to leave the EU.

John Curtice, who is a leading political scientist, spoke some home truths saying even though Brexit remains divisive People’s attitude is one of leaving the European Union. He did say that any polling that gained an increase in support to remain was very short-lived. This shows that even though the deep state establishment did all they could to derail and revoke Brexit, it didn’t work. If anything, it only grew the support for leaving the EU.

He said: “With that being said, we might be accomodating ourselves to the change a bit but not that much.”
With Boris Johnson in place, polling suggests that the UK citizens are now more geared up towards leaving the EU. This could be down to the fact that Britain is finally standing its ground in negotiations. Being inspired by the leadership with Britain refusing to give in, Rejecting the one-sided demands from the EU and not being yes men.

Just after the third round of negotiations, the UK made public its draft negotiation texts, showing their outline of a Free Trade deal offered to the European Union. But the EU stance on a Level Playing Field isn’t acceptable by Boris Johnson’s negotiation team, as its at direct odds with the future independence of the United Kingdom. The EU’s term “level playing field”, if the UK were to adhere to the EU term, it would mean the EU taking on large amounts of EU rules and laws, ultimately binding the hands of the UK’s competitiveness in future trade deals with other countries.

Mr Curtice said: “To conclude, very few of us changed our minds on Brexit.
“This is despite the intensity of the Brexit debates over the last four years.”
Mr Johnson told Liberal Democrat co-leader Ed Davey: “The first point is I think the people of Britain are heartily sick of going on about Brexit.”
“They wanted to get it done, and we got it done.”

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