VIDEO – 15 illegal migrants have made it into Britain in an French – UK handover.

While everyone’s attention is looking elsewhere in regards to statues being pulled down, protests, left politics trying to make people clash with each other, we have another crisis bypassing our attention. We at Britannia News are pushing this rare footage to a bigger audience as possible. 

Nowhere is this being reported on the Mainstream Media and it’s up to us to get it seen by as many eyes as possible. Please share this footage. Today around about 10/11 am reports come in of a French and UK handover happening in the middle of the English Channel, these videos show roughly about 15 migrants entering into Britain illegally. 

We continue to hear strong words coming from the UK Government, yet the UK government don’t want your attention to this real crisis happening in our seas. It is reported that not many migrants that come to this country illegally get deported. As we know, with hindsight, this will only make people more determined to make the dangerous trip, in the hopes to illegally enter into British waters.


With the common knowledge of if you make it into British waters, the British will escort you to shore, with a low chance of being deported out of Britain once your here. It’s hard to say this, but we all knew this was going on. To think that this has been happening for months, and being brushed under the carpet is breathtaking. 

When will this government act in Britains interests by protecting our borders?. We have had enough of tough words; we need stricter action and fast. We voted for a government that promised to do right by Britain and so far this government seem lacking in action.
What’re your thoughts.? How should the British Government be handling this crisis.? What would you like to see the British Government do to deter this from continuing to happen.?

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