Richard Tice: “Let’s push a buy-British campaign, whether that is British wine, British made cars or food. ”


Buy British Campaign 1933

Richard Tice, who was the former Brexit Party chairman and MEP, has pushed the idea that the Government should do a nationwide campaign to support British made products and produce.

The former MEP said: “The key benefit is we can focus on our nation’s own requirements and needs.

“With fishing, I have talked about the importance of having control of our fishing waters.

“We can even boost tourism within the fishing and likewise with farming.

“We only produced just under 60 percent of the food that we consume, in the 1980s that figure was 80 percent.

“We have reduced the number of our products, and there is a huge opportunity to grow that again, especially with improvements to technology.”

In the express article, Mr Tice has said that he feels people would support an initiative to buy more British products and produce being made in this country.

Mr Tice continues: “I think there is an appetite by British consumers to buy British.

“The Government really needs to be pushing that, in everything we do, from all works of our economy.
“Let’s push a buy-British campaign, whether that is British wine, British made cars or food.
“Let’s have some patriotism in the way we buy and consume food.”

Mr Tice went on to point out that people support local, homegrown products in France, so why can’t it work in Britain?

Richard Tice said: “It was one thing I really admire about the French, their consumer patriotism
“Their patriotism in all French goods is absolutely fantastic, and we need a piece of that for our farmers.
“I think it is really important we label our food loudly and clearly so people can see we are going to buy British strawberries and raspberries.”

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