VIDEO – French “handover” another 18 illegal Migrants to British Border Force this Morning in the English Channel.

It’s been reported that 18 illegal migrants were handed over from the French Navy to the British Border Force this morning. Reports came in just after 9 am showing the patrol boat returning from the handover.
This is one of many reports that has come to light showing the true extent of the number of people crossing the channel illegally to get into Britain. It was reported last week that 2000 illegal migrants that we know of had made it to the UK illegally this year with the vast majority remaining in Britain. This figure is also a new known record so far. With nice weather forecast in for the week ahead, more attempts to cross the English Channel will happen.

This has been one of multiple trips over the last few months. We keep hearing strong words from the government but the action to deport these people coming in across the English channel illegally is yet to happen.

Below you will find multiple videos credit: Chris Johnson.

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