EU fishermen beg UK government for mercy, as they seek unrestricted access into fishing waters along with same quotas.

It’s plain to see that the UK fishermen voted to leave, to take back control of British waters. One of the significant factors to leave the EU was down to the EU’s handling on the common fisheries policy which has decimated the UK fishing industry over the decades. For too long, the EU and its vessels have relied heavily on unfettered access into British waters to catch their fish. Not only that, but the EU has also had the lions share of the quota compared to the British fisherman.

Since we’ve left the EU membership and with the completion date of the transition period coming up fast, it’s of significant concern to the EU as talks around fisheries have all but collapsed. This has been down to EU member states not respecting what will soon be British sovereign waters. As we leave the EU in its entirety on 31st December 2020 (date set in law) not only do we leave the structures of the EU but we also take back full control of our waters, meaning those who want to fish in them need to seek prior permission to do so.

People have now started to speak out in a panic. In an ITV interview, Diek Parlevliet, chairman of the Dutch Fish Marketing Board, said: “We have fished there [UK waters] for the last 400 years, and we want to continue doing so for the next 400 years.
“We don’t want to give up one kilo.”
Guido Betsema said: “I’m afraid that the UK says: ‘Stop. No fishing in our waters.'”
Skipper Cor Vonk made a direct plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
He said: “Boris, think about the Dutch, think about our families; it’s not a game we are talking about people.”
Even though the EU fishermen beg the British government  for mercy, the EU never showed mercy to the British when whole towns and communities were destroyed overnight due to Heath gifting the sovereign waters away to seek entry into the EU.
UK fishermen are now doing all they can to hold Boris Johnson to his promise of “taking back control of British waters.” Barry Young from the Brixham Trawler Agents said: “We have had to give to our European friends for the last 30 years, so maybe it’s their turn now to give a little bit back.
“We do understand there will be some negotiations but let’s not do it, so the UK fishing industry suffers once again and we are sold down the river like a pilchard.”
During these negotiations, fisheries have been a major hot topic. Barnier who is EU’s chief negotiator, has been trying to dictate access into British fishing waters saying, that no free trade deal can be done without unrestricted access into British waters along with the same quotas. This can not and hasn’t been accepted by David Frost, British Brexit Trade negotiator. Mr Frost stated that the UK would not be signing up to a deal that doesn’t respect Britains sovereign waters and one that enables a foreign entity to reign over Britain though we are out of the EU.
The French have been most dependent on British fishing waters with 120,000 tones of fish equating to £171 million according to Marine Management Organisation figures.

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