Barnier isnt happy – “The UK is cherry picking the best bits”

Once again, Barnier has sour grapes due to the UK negotiators not bowing to his bias unrealistic demands coming from the EU member states. The French EU Brexit trade negotiation said… the UK was trying to cherrypick the best elements of the EU structures (single market) even though the UK will be leaving the EU in its entirety on 31st December 2020. 


 Mr Barnier said: “I remain convinced that an agreement is possible. But we won’t be striking an agreement at any price. “We will never sacrifice the economic and political long-term interest of EU consumers and institutions for the benefit of the UK.” Barnier then went onto say that the UK was trying to gain better terms for it’s Bankers and manufacturing sectors in the future relationship. 

 “The UK tries to negotiate a status which would be very similar to the status of a single market member without having any of the constraints or disciplines – that’s cherrypicking on rules of origin, mutual recognition, financial services, qualifications, data flows and electricity.” The EU negotiator is hugely positive that a deal is possible before the deadline, saying: “We have four months of negotiations behind us and four months of talks before us. 

 “It’s going to be difficult, but it’s possible. The time is very short, and I share the feeling of urgency expressed by Boris Johnson. “And that is why we have decided, together with my counterpart David Frost, to step up, in July and August, as well as September, the negotiations to have more concentrated, more targeted discussions.” It’s clear to see that Barnier is in a bad place, not only is his negotiation leverage diminished drastically, but he’s also run the clock down in hope the UK would extend. That game of political chicken with the economies, in the EU, is a very dangerous tactic to run.

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