Government considers putting a law in place to protect statues and war memorials.

Today MPs have written to Robert Buckland who is the Justice Secretary in regards to the desecration on statues and war memorials. Penny Mordaunt, Conservative MP and Royal Navy reservist calls for a new form of “restorative justice”. Penny said that she could understand to built-up frustration and “immense anger” amongst the wider public. The government have said that it will “earnestly consider” a law that protects such sites against mob rule vandalism.
In her letter, Ms Mordaunt wrote: “Among the most disturbing scenes of recent times has become the desecration of war memorials, including the cenotaph.
“In desecrating such memorials, some protesters sent a message to experts and all those in uniform today: your life doesn’t matter to me.
“Whatever the motives for these functions, they need to be condemned in the strongest terms and are totally against the values of these people of our nation, every creed and colour.
“I would like to indicate that for some found guilty of vandalising such memorials they might benefit from some time spent with all our support staff — possibly at a struggle camp. “That may give them a new appreciation of just what these people go through to their sakes. They are their armed forces. They should be respected and valued.”
“I completely understand, therefore, why individuals are transferred to protect those memorials, and the immense anger felt.”
“I completely understand, therefore, why individuals are transferred to protect those memorials, and the immense anger felt.”
“I understand from having spent some time in uniform and working closely together with our armed forces for many years, the feeling of maintenance and duty those men and women feel towards everyone in our country. “It takes a particular kind of love to be prepared to lay down your life for your fellow citizens. Service life is one full of sacrifices out of physical hardship, confronting spousal and fear and family sacrifice. Some make the greatest sacrifice.”

Winston Churchill’s statue in recent weeks has been the target of vandals and last week the Mayor of London box the statue up. The structure around the statue is reportedly being taken down in time for President Macrons Visit.

Iain Duncan Smith supported the removal of the structure around the statue saying: “About time. It is madness. It should not have been coated in the first place. It is time to get our self-respect. “The minute we surrender to mob rule, that is the second the mob takes over. We can not surrender to the mob. That’s exactly what Churchill stood for.” What very good news along with the judgement that is correct. I am delighted.”

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