EU start to cave in. Bear bones deal now concidered an option.

After the high-level meeting on Monday where each side took stock on negotiation progress, it was clear that divides were vast but could be bridged if the EU were to have more wriggle room in negotiations. Boris Johnson came out during the meeting, projecting two very important messages. The first message was that Britain would be leaving the EU on time, at the end of year date that’s set in law on 31st December 2020, with no extension required. The second important message was if there was no progress bearing fruit before the negotiation extension deadline date, at the end of July, Boris would walk and prepare to exit on WTO Rules.
Due to these two strong ultimatum messages from Boris, it’s been revealed that Ursula Von de Leyen is now considering a stripped-back bare-bones trade agreement before the end of the year to cover the most sensitive parts of trade between the two sides. This is so something is in place to secure an avenue going forward beyond the year-end extension deadline.
One EU source said: “The baseline has moved down significantly, we’re no longer talking about a broad and comprehensive trade agreement.
“At this end, the trajectory for the best-case scenario is a minimum trade agreement.”
Ursula is said to want the negotiation team to “take a step back” and review its demands, especially its demands around fishing and “level playing field”. It’s understood that a trade agreement with the UK is of critical importance to the EU hence why Von der Leyen is willing to soften its approach to broker a compromise.
“It’s more important than ever, given Brexit, that we demonstrate to Europe and the world that Scotland is outward-looking and open and we want to continue to do business and develop friendships with countries all over the world. 
“I still hold hope; it may be a slim one, that Brexit might not happen. We don’t yet know whether come the end of March; the UK will leave with a deal, leave without a deal or maybe not leave at all. I’m not giving up hope yet. 
“I also hope, if the UK does leave the EU, one day in the not too distant future Scotland may come back to the EU as an independent country.” 
It’s been claimed that the EU Commission President is even willing to accept UK’s demand for full sovereignty over its coastal waters to strike a deal.
Mr Gove told Parliament today that the UK wants to get things in place before the end of July, not autumn. He said: “We’re looking to get things done in July.
“We do not want to see this process going on into the autumn and then the winter”.
“We all need certainty, and that is what we’re aiming to provide.”
“The UK’s political will is there, our position is reasonable, based on precedent, and we still have the time to bring a deal home.
“That is why the Prime Minister has led the drive to accelerate these talks, to reach an agreement and to ensure next January we leave the regulatory reach of the EU and embrace the new opportunities our independence will bring.”

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