EU commission President acknowledges EU vessels will not have automatic rights to UK fishing grounds.

European Commission leader is believed to have told Boris Johnson she recognized the UK’s standing after the conclusion of the post-Brexit transition period as an independent coastal state. The German admitted that European ships do not have an automatic right to fish in British waters. 

Downing Street has insisted that the UK must reclaim control over its fishing grounds after December 31. However, Number 10 is ready to consider granting access to partners based on discussions over the shared quotas. To break the talks, the chief negotiator of the EU, Michel Barnier, was told to think about the UK’s suggestion for fishing shares to be shared using an attachment method.

The new setup would reflect where fish live and would mean British trawlermen would profit from a chunk of the stocks living in its exclusive economic zone. A UK Government spokesman said: “During the fourth round of discussions we chose to make our views on fishing clear. At the year’s conclusion, we will be a coastal country and any agreement with the EU must reflect that. 
“The EU has maintained its position, which seeks to tie a fisheries framework agreement to the wider FTA and maintain the status quo on accessibility provisions and quota sharing. This contradicts our upcoming standing as an independent country. 

“We cannot agree with arrangements that are manifestly unbalanced and contrary to the interests of the united kingdom fishing industry.”Under the Common Fisheries Policy that is existing, EU boats capture compared to their counterparts grab from European waters, catch about five times the worth of fish. 

A white paper on “sustainable fisheries for future generations” that was been printed in 2018 explains  the UK’s current quota share doesn’t reflect fish present in UK waters. European sailors currently have 90 percent of haddock caught compared to 10 percent handed to British boats. Of that grab, 51 percent of the haddock stocks have been judged to reside within the UK’s EEZ, according to the Government newspaper. 

It is a similar story for cod caught in the sea, together with fishermen only given a seven percent share despite zonal attachment calculations estimating that 51 percent of their entire catch being made from the UK’s waters. When Brexit talks resume at the end of the month, David Frost, the Prime Minister’s chief trade negotiator into the EU, is expected to begin discussions with Mr Barnier over potential arrangements. 
Following hardline EU fishing conditions obstructed the Frenchman’s negotiating hand during the previous round of discussions, Barnier has now been granted permission from the commission President to seek a way forward to find an agreement. EU countries, led by France, are known to have stopped Mr Barnier from talking potential concessions. However, the Brussels bureaucrat is yet to show its hand on what they want in regards to fisheries.

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