Nigel Farage is preparing for a come back, Tory MP states “Boris has made an open goal for the Brexit Party by pandering to the left”

The party, which a year ago sailed to success in the European Parliament elections and sealed Theresa May’s destiny as Prime Minister, is likely to be renamed the Reform Party amid growing demands for a centre-right alternative to the Tories. The revelation comes at a week where speculation was rife about Mr Farage’s future after he abandoned LBC and directed the attacks on the riots and destruction connected into the Black Lives Issue protests.

The celebration has already opened talks with a public relations company and is preparing to stand as a candidate at the next available by-election.
Senior figures from the Brexit Party have also been in talks with senior Tory MPs on the right of the party who are concerned about the loss of leadership by Mr Johnson’s authorities.
Additionally, there are worries that Mr Johnson may go “soft on Brexit” to get a fast deal with the EU and compromise on immigration rules in addition to fishing waters and accepting EU rules.
One Tory MP who has spoken to Mr Farage and Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice, said: “It will be a tragedy when they relaunch. They will instantly select 8 to 10 per cent of our vote and put us in 2nd place behind Labour.
“A split at the middle right will mean we’re constantly playing catch up.”
The MP added: “We ought to have given Nigel a knighthood and thanked him instead Boris and Downing Street only wanted to punish him”.
Another Conservative MP added: “The challenge is that Boris has made an open goal for the Brexit Party by pandering to the left.
Nigel Farage
“We’ve gone over the top using lockdown and we have allowed the roads to be taken over by rioters.
“The one thing we are getting right is Brexit but we’re at risk of losing public confidence on that too.”
Last week Mr Farage is understood to have told friends that he felt “vindicated” after Downing Street confessed it was trying to put right the “unfair defects” in the Withdrawal Agreement which Mr Johnson signed in January while telling voters it was “a superb deal”.
Yesterday, Mr Farage told the Sunday Express:” [I am] waiting and watching. The lack of leadership from our government was pitiful. Countless Conservative voters want to find some ethical courage not the present cowardice in the face of anarchic Marxism.”
Sources close to leadership added: “Phones are buzzing, hundreds of emails per day from furious Tory voters, donations pouring in, we are praying for a by-election at Tory seat think would win one and gearing up for this, and currently deciding on who would endure.”
The dilemma is that the Conservative Party isn’t really conservative.
“People are extremely concerned about what’s occurring with Brexit. It is great that they will not extend the transition time but nobody can be sure that will not occur until we’ve left properly.
“We hear the government now saying it needs accelerated talks in June and July. What are they waiting for?”. How many times does the EU need to tell Britain, that it should register to its unfair level playing field rules?
“The government should walk away on world trade organisation rules” not accelerate talks.

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