BREXIT – EU – UK negotiators meet for a high level summit today.

Today, The Prime Minister, Chief Brexit Negotiator David Frost and Cabinet office minister Michael Gove will be Locked in high-level talks with Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, and David Sassoli, the President of the European Parliament.

This high-level meeting was noted in the Political Declaration to “take stock of progress to agree on actions to move forward in negotiations on the future relationship”.
Talks will ramp up, held weekly between 29th June and 27th July, in a bid to seek an agreement on both sides. Sources at Number 10 said Boris Johnson “will make it clear that the negotiation now needs to be swiftly concluded, with certainty provided to the public and businesses by the autumn at the latest”.
The high-level meeting will be taking place over video conference, where Boris will seek an FTA deal “consistent with others the EU has agreed, as part of a balanced overall outcome”. Boris will also make it crystal clear that regardless of what happens, the UK will be leaving on time at the end of the year. The date we leave is set in law 31st December 2020.
It’s been reported that a spokesman from the government said: “The high-level meeting was always envisaged as a moment to push the negotiations forward.
“We now need to get this resolved and deliver certainty for businesses at home and in the EU as soon as possible.
‘There’s a high-quality FTA to be done, based on the agreements the EU has already reached with other countries.
“But, whatever happens, we will be ready for 1st January, when we will be back in control of our laws, borders and money.'”

With time against Michel Barnier, it’s getting harder to attain a deal due to redlines from EU nation-states. Fishing is a massive redline for France. Their demands consist of unfettered access into British Fishing waters and status quo on fishing quotas.

Britain, on the other hand, has hit back, stating it is unwilling to give away its newly regained sovereign waters to a third country. There is no precedent to state that sovereign waters need to be given away, in exchange for an FTA.

Sources were reported saying in the Telegraph: “there is a real risk the negotiations, even with an increased pace, struggling to make any breakthroughs, which would increase the risk of there being no agreement at the end of the year”.

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