STATEMENT: Google apologises for missing photo of Winston Churchill and the date when he served as Prime Minister.

Last night it came to light that when you searched the term “UK Prime Minister” Winston Churchill’s Photo was removed and the date he was PM was altered. Today Google has come out with this statement due to people lambasting them with complaints.


Google said: We’re aware an image for Sir Winston Churchill is missing from his Knowledge Graph entry on Google. We apologise for any concern. This was not purposeful & will be resolved. Images in such panels are automatically created & updated. During an update, they can briefly disappear.

If a Knowledge Graph image is missing due to an update, the subject will be named but lack an image in anything automatically generated from the Knowledge Graph. This is why Churchill’s image (but not his name) is missing from some lists. It is temporary & will be resolved.

The image issue only applies to Knowledge Graph-generated information. Many images of Churchill are easily found through both web and image searching on Google.
Some have noted that Churchill’s first term does not appear for a search on UK prime ministers that shows an automatically generated Knowledge Graph list. This is not specific to Churchill; a similar thing happens with Wilson, MacDonald and Baldwin.

We’re exploring why the first terms for Churchill, Wilson, MacDonald & Baldwin are not shown. It might be that our systems are only displaying the last term of prime ministers who had non-consecutive terms. We’ll seek to address this to avoid any unintentional concern. 

We don’t have an exact time for when Churchill’s Knowledge Graph image will be restored, but it will be as rapidly done as possible. We’ll want to explore exactly why an automatic update caused it to disappear & see if there are any improvements in those systems to address.
When the Knowledge Graph image is restored for Churchill, his image will again be shown in Knowledge Graph-generated content, where only his name shows now. Again, apologies for concern caused.
Since this statement Winston Churchill’s picture has returned but his date on when he served as PM is still incorrect.

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