British MP slams the EU: “The fact they expect and demand the status quo (on fisheries) shows the sheer level of arrogance of these people.”

During an BBC interview on the Today Programme, Radio Host Mishal Husain vented frustration at Neale Richmond, who led the Irish Brexit committee, for expecting the EU  to have open unfettered access into British sovereign waters. This comes as on Friday, Britain refused and confirmed that their will be no asking for an extension. Britain during these negotiations have made it specifically clear that they refuses to give up its sovereign waters.


The EU are now extremely frustrated as their clock has been run down by their own disastrous demands given to Britain as the EU attempted to strong arm the U.K. into a negotiation extension.

During the Today Programme interview Husain said: “It does seem that what the EU wants is the status quo on fishing and yet there cannot be the status quo.

“Brexit will involve a completely different relationship between the UK and EU.”

This question caught the Irish senator off guard as he struggled to find word to respond saying “We aspire for an agreement on both sides.”

Factory fishing ship plundering U.K. waters

The BBC radio presenter quickly chased up with: “Why should the EU continue to have full access for its boats in British waters?”

To which Richmond gave a weak response saying: “It is what we are trying to negotiate.

“The UK cannot have an agreement that just suits the UK. The EU is the world’s largest economic bloc and the benefits of a deal are far greater for the UK than the EU.

“We do want to intensify the talks, we want to get an agreement.

“The British approach has shifted so many times over the last number of years. We have been consistent, we have been clear.

“We won’t simply allow the EU be compromised or undermined by the UK in this agreement.”

There was a Brexiteer contributor on the Show, Daniel Kawczynski, Conservative MP, who said the EU has “decimated” our fishing industry as our fishing stock have been plundered by European vessels.

Daniel Kawczynski said: “The fact they expect and demand the status quo shows the sheer level of arrogance of these people.”

“We have seen the damage that staying in the EU has caused to our sovereignty and our economy by these continuous delays.”

Mr Richmond admitted that the EU “fully accepts that chances of an extension are absolutely impossible”.

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