SHOCKING VIDEO /// Nigel Farage reacts to UK Police officers beaten, one nearly left for dead in the streets of London.

Today, a shocking video has been going viral on social media showing a male and female police officer being beaten, with one nearly being left for dead on the streets of Diane Abbott’s constituency of Hackney London.


Nigel Farage reacts to this video saying: “This is being directly caused by hatred of the police — encouraged by the campaign to defund and abolish. It is truly shocking.”


Hackney Police made a statement on Twitter saying: “This is truly despicable & society should never accept such behaviour – we are here to protect you! The officers are safe, but clearly shaken & incredibly brave too. Arrests will be made… this must stop. BCU Cmdr Marcus Barnett”




MP for Hackney Labour’s Dianne Abbott and a supporter of BLM the organisation who seeks the “abolition of Police” is still yet to give a statement.

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