AG Barr Press Conference: US Political criminal gangs who tried to provoke confrontations for mass unrest, foiled.

Its come to light that United States Attorney General William Barr, held a press conference that confirmed the foiling of an attempted plan of deep unrest through an agitator driven confrontation between political criminal gangs, innocent protesters and the National Guard. The political extremist’s plot was to create a provocation for the world to see in hopes it ousted and condemn Trump. ( The plan massively failed)
It was reported by most in the press that Donald Trump took shelter in the Bunker. What the media didn’t tell you was that it was due to the attempted storming of the Whitehouse buy tens of thousands of criminal rioters that descended on Washington DC intending to cause mass unrest.
The day after, Donal Trump posted thousands of Military personnel which the fake news media were deeming it a provocation to the protestors and was uncalled for. Here is the press conference with a synopsis showing what went on.

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