GREAT NEWS – UK and Japan are now in talks to sign a deal by the end of the year

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said the meetings would concentrate on areas such as solutions and commerce. She said both sides would work into an “ambitious timeline” to sign a deal by the end of the year. The UK’s Brexit transition period is supposed to end on December 31, and so far the Prime Minister has shown no signs of choosing an extension. The Department for International Trade said on Monday that around 100 negotiators from the united kingdom side would get involved in the video talks. 

The Japanese minister for foreign affairs, Motegi Toshimitsu and Ms Truss will kick-off the meetings. She explained: “As we all trade discussions, we aim to hit a comprehensive, free trade arrangement that goes farther than the deal formerly agreed with the EU, putting ambitious criteria in areas such as digital trade and solutions. Takaaki Hanaoka, secretary-general of the Japanese chamber of commerce and industry in the united kingdom, said the two nations stand to benefit from a deal that was post-Brexit. 

He said: “The UK and Japan have common ground because both have mature societies and markets.”Both can be partners in further growing economic activities through mutual trade and investment.”By Government statistics, UK trade with Japan was worth over £30 billion last year. A total of 9,500 businesses in Britain exported goods to the nation. Areas place to do well if there is a fantastic deal struck comprise London, the East Midlands and Scotland, an investigation by the Government reveals. The announcement comes as farmers in the UK expressed their concern on the absence of advancement between the UK and Brussels in trade talks.

Friday saw the fourth round of discussions. The chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier admitted the EU failure to see eye to eye on problems. He said “there has been no substantial progress in the talks” and added: “We can’t go on like this forever.”
The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) that represent property, land and business owners in rural England and Wales said the lack of advancement was “of fantastic concern to farmers”.

CLA president Mark Bridgeman warned if a deal hasn’t consented in the coming month’s tens of thousands of farmers might go bust. He said: “The EU sells £33 billion of agricultural products to the UK each year — nearly £20 billion more than we sell to them — so the Prime Minister is right to have confidence in the worth of our market.

“But make no mistake, without a quality free trade arrangement, tens of thousands of farmers both in the UK and the EU goes out of business, together with all of the devastation to lives and communities that go with it.”
The NFU predicted a “tragedy” for many British farmers if the UK’s negotiators, headed by David Frost, could not reach an arrangement with their EU counterparts.

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