Sir Bill Cash tackles the EU, EXPOSING contradictions in their negotiation stance.

Last week, Sir Bill Cash was in Parliament speaking about how the EU contradicts itself in regards to its stance in these negotiations. The EU claims it accepts the UK wanting its independence from the bloc, yet the EU still wants to bind the hands of Britain, urging Boris to accept a system that caps the UK’s competitiveness as we leave the EU. Not only does this undermine the autonomy of Britain, but it means the UK would again be bound by EU rules in future trade deals.


During her visit, The First Scottish Minister was doing her best to describe Brexit as regretful, while pushing her concerns about a British exit from the EU. Nicola promoted the thought and agreed with the EU that an extension to the negotiations was inevitable. 

Bill said: “on the one hand, the EU recognizes the autonomy of the UK as well as our right to regulate economic activity as we deem appropriate”.
“This is then contradicted by the EU proposing draconian conditions on UK compliance with what the EU describes as ‘robust Level Playing Field commitments’. These include massive tax, social employment, environmental standards and EU state aid laws, as well as a fisheries deal, with the EU enjoying pre-trip Brexit access to UK Waters not to mention the Vex Northern Ireland protocol.”

Mr Cash then slams the previous EU and UK administrations, saying: “This protocol was badly conceived by the previous administration and conceded including Concessions on EU jurisdiction”. Mr cash then takes aim at Junker, the previous president of the European Union commission, saying: “Juncker regarded Northern Ireland as the price the UK would have to pay for leaving the EU”.

From what Sir Bill Cash states above its clear to say the EU is seeking to have their cake and eat it. To confirm the cake and eat it analogy, Bill said: “David Frost – the EU is not offering a fair, free trade relationship, but they offer a low-quality trade agreement with unprecedented oversight of our laws and institutions.
Bill goes onto say: “He is, of course right, and our Vital national interests which derive from our democracy and self-government, which is what this debate is about are Paramount.”

The EU thought that the new administration under Boris Johnson would be a continuation of May. What Barnier didn’t factor into his plan, was the stern stance from the British. Did Barnier think the UK would roll over, yet again?. It looks like Barnier has met his match. A meeting is planned between the EU president and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson by the end of this month to summarise  progress and work out a way forward.

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