Barnier infuriated, accusing Britain of backtracking in these negotiations.

Over the last week, Brexit negotiations have been very slow in progress. Michel Barnier, at a press conference at the close of the talks, accused the UK of not adhering to what was set out in the political agreement. Again Michel Barnier looked angered, deflated and out of options. 

David Frost, who’s the UK Brexit negotiator, released a statement saying the process has been testing the limits. Mr Frost said: “We are now at an important moment for these talks. 
“We are close to reaching the limits of what we can achieve through the format of remote formal rounds. 
“If we are to make progress, it is clear that we must intensify and accelerate our work.”
“We are discussing with the commission how this can best be done. 
“We need to conclude this negotiation in good time to enable people and businesses to have certainty about the trading terms that will follow the end of the transition period at the end of this year, and, if necessary, to allow ratification of any agreements reached. 
“For our part, we are willing to work hard to see whether at least the outline of a balanced agreement, covering all issues, can be reached soon. 
“Any such deal must, of course, accommodate the reality of the UK’s well-established position on the so-called ‘level playing field’, on fisheries, and the other difficult issues.” 
Michel Barnier said the UK isn’t playing to the terms under the none legally binding political agreement. He said: “In all areas, the UK continues to backtrack under commitments undertaken in the political declaration, including on fisheries. 
“We cannot and will not accept this backtracking on the political declaration.” 
Even though the UK refuses to give in, Mr Barnier said the “door is still open” should the UK want to extend. 
He said: “All we are asking for is the political declaration to be complied with. 
“There has been no significant progress on these points, not since the start of negotiations, and I don’t think we can go on like this forever.” 
 He added: “The UK has refused to extend the transition period to allow for more time for negotiations. 
“From our side, as indeed was already pointed by President (Ursula) Von der Leyen, we have always been open to extending this period by one or two years. 
“It’s possible and written into the agreement. Our door is still open to that end. 
“However, if there is no joint decision to such an extension, as is the case now, if there is no change, the UK will leave the single market and the customs union on December 31.”

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