BARNIER ISNT HAPPY – Boris refuses to sign a substandard deal, that doesn’t respect the future independence of Britain.

After the EU – UK fourth round of negotiations coming to a close yesterday, Michel Barnier, again, took to the stage, in front of the world’s press, to confirm that no progress was made in the week-long negotiations. His speech came across as his chance to vent blame on the UK, yet again, for the lack of progress due to the fact Britain didn’t bow down to the EU’s “Level playing field” demands.

Barnier said: “At the end of this week, my responsibility – under the authority of President Ursula von der Leyen – as Union negotiator, is to tell you the truth. And the truth is that there was no substantial progress.”
“We can only take note that there has been no substantial progress since the beginning of these negotiations and that we cannot continue like this forever.”
On their “level playing field” demand, Barnier said: – “we didn’t make any progress on these rules of economic and commercial fair play, despite choosing to focus this week on issues that should have been more consensual, such as non-regression mechanisms on social and environmental standards, climate change, taxation or sustainable development.”
Because of the UK rejecting the EU demands, Barnier claims that Boris Johnson is backtracking on what was agreed within the Non-Legally Binding “Political Declaration”.
Barnier said: “Prime Minister Johnson agreed to uphold the common high standards applicable in the Union and the UK at the end of the transition period in these areas: state aid, competition, social and employment standards, environment, climate change, and relevant tax matters.”
“In all these areas – and many others – the UK continues to backtrack on the commitments it has undertaken in the Political Declaration.”
“Including on fisheries, where we committed to using our “best endeavours” to conclude and ratify a new agreement by 1st July 2020.”
“It seems clear that we will not reach this target, considering how the negotiations in this area are going for the moment.”
“Even in the rare areas where we saw some movement this week, such as the European Convention on Human Rights, we still fall short of what we had agreed in the Political Declaration.”
With this said by Barnier, just because the UK signed up to an arrangement using best endeavours to seek a trade deal before we leave the bloc, this doesn’t mean the UK has to concede and agree with demands called by the EU. Barnier is wrong to think that any disagreement with what’s on the table, goes against the term best endeavours. Any nation has the right to reject something they deem isn’t suitable or beneficial for the country they represent.

Once again, the whole negotiation debacle hasn’t worked due to the EU wanting the UK to accept a substandard deal, which doesn’t respect the future autonomy of the UK. From the start, the UK made it crystal clear in the future relation declaration document, that any push against Britain becoming an independent coastal state would be outright rejected. Barnier needs to realise that until the bloc treats the UK as a third sovereign, independent country, the UK will not be signing a deal.

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  1. The UK is a sovereign state, the EU is nothing more than a union of 27 member states that is is “supposed” to represent. Barnier is up to his normal tricks of blaming everybody except the Eu and himself. It is he who has made unreasonable and unjustifiable demands on a sovereign state, not the other way around. All we have done is state very clearly what we would accept as a FTA. No demands have been made from the UK, all the demands have come from the EU, as expected. He is continuing with his track record of placing the blame for the demands on everybody else, but failing to take any of the blame. He is continuing with his track record of making unreasonable and unjustifiable demands and he is continuing with his track record of making threats, threats that he knows full well he or the EU cannot justify and carry out. Barnier has done all of this on Canada and every other negotiation he has been involved with, and then folded at the very last minute. If the UK allows, he will continue with this mantra right up to the 31st December and then concede defeat. The best thing that can happen now and to call Barnier’s and the EU’s bluff is to just say enough is enough, we are not waiting until December to tell you on your bike, we are no longer getting involved and we are leaving completely with immediate effect. That also means that the money ceases with immediate effect and everything else ceases to exist with immediate effect. You watch the swords being rattled then and von der Leyen and Merkel will be either on the Eurostar or the blower to Johnson. They will come armed with exactly the deal we have stated we will accept plus more.

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