OPINION – Barry Gardiner attempts an apology letter on why he broke social distancing rules.

After weeks of lockdown and politicians ramming “stay at home, save lives” narrative down our throats, we see Labour MP Barry Gardiner join a protest in London. Barry openly stated on social media that he was breaking social distancing rules, but why did he do it? 

It was only a few weeks ago Barry was on talkRADIO reiterating how important it is to social distance during this COVID 19 pandemic. But the question has to be asked. Why is he an exception, to the words he preaches to others? Why did he have to go into a crowd and take the knee? 
Due to his hypocrisy over social distancing, Barry had to come out with a statement. It reads: “Yesterday, I joined thousands of young people marching against racial injustice and in protest at the murder of George Floyd. I took a knee as a mark of respect and paused with those remarkable young people to reflect on the racism faced by so many people of colour not just in the USA but here in Britain too.” 

“The number of people protesting made it impossible to observe the social distancing rules which I have strictly observed since March. I know how much people have suffered to keep each other safe, and I apologise to them for the hurt my failure to observe the rules has caused. On Tuesday evening, I received a negative test result. I am therefore confident that I did not infect anyone with whom I came into contact.” 

“I know I had an obligation to set an example. The rules are important in overcoming this epidemic, and I do not want my action to undermine people’s willingness to maintain social distancing. My obligation as an MP is also to call out racial injustice and to stand in solidarity with the very people who, because of that injustice, are so much more likely to die from coronavirus.” 
“The anger generated by my breach of the social distancing rules must not be allowed to detract from the vital message that Black Lives Matter and that we all have an obligation to fight racism. The killing of George Floyd must be a catalyst for action.” 
The simple question I want to ask is, why did Barry have to go into a crowd to take the knee? Couldn’t Barry have done this at home or in a safe place and took a photo to post on social media to gain the publicity he so dearly craves?. Instead, he wanted this commotion knowing there wouldn’t be any sanctions from his party for the rules he openly and proudly broke. It looks like he wanted the picture in the crowd for the photo opportunity. 
Just look at the perfectly positioned photo above, tell me that this wasn’t a planned event to virtue signal to the world. Barry says he apologises for the “hurt” caused by his breaking of the social distancing rules, but as it was a deliberate act, what Barry should’ve written was “I apologise to them for the hurt my ‘DELIBERATE’ failure to observe the rules has caused”. Could Barry have chosen a different way to show his solidarity? What’re your thoughts?

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  1. This idiot is just another in the long list of Labour MP’s that have stuck two fingers up at the government, although not surprising. However, are they not the ones still calling for Cummings head and calling him everything they can lay their tongues to? Has the media circus not hyped everything up and told outrageous lies about Cummings, even to the point of saying that their informant, who no doubt they paid very handsomely, that he witnessed Cummings in the Blue Bell Woods in Durham, only for it to be stated by the informant himself that it was a pack of lies and that he made it all up “for a laugh”. Are the media circus not calling for all these MP’s to resign their positions and even as MP’s? No they are not, it is because Cummings has been ten steps ahead of the media circus even before the Referendum in 2016. It is also fact, Cummings was not only ten steps ahead of the media circus, he rubbed their snouts in very rough gravel proving beyond doubt that they are liars. As for Starmer who is constantly demanding Johnson has got to get a grip. Well Starmer needs to get a grip, he needs to get a grip on his MP’s and tell them clearly, observe the lockdown rules or you will get deselected. Although it will not matter that much because Labour is dead in the water anyway and it is ready to lose even more sitting MP’s at the next Genera; Election.

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