EU IN PANIC – Fourth round of trade talks DEADLOCKED – No progress made.

As the fourth round of trade talks come to an end today, it’s being reported that negotiations remain at a standstill on crucial core elements of the trade deal. These areas include access into British fishing waters, and demands on UK aligning to EU regulations.

There has been some progress on security co-operation, and trade in goods, but that’s it. The EU continues to push their level playing field narrative to cap the competitiveness of the UK, signing it up to continued rule through binding EU regulations and laws. The British continue to reject these demands from the EU, saying these demands don’t respect the UK becoming an independent coastal nation.

At the end of this month, the EU commission president and UK Prime Minister will meet in a high-level meeting to summarise the progress and see where, if anywhere, could be improved. The meeting doesn’t have a specific date, but it will be had before the end of June.

As the fourth round of negotiations come to an end last night, one British official said: “I think it’s fair to say we weren’t expecting huge movement this week and our expectations haven’t necessarily been wrong.” The EU officials were quick to fire back, saying the UK has been “dragging its feet’ on the bloc’s level-playing field demands.”
An EU source said: “There’s not necessarily a breakthrough coming soon.
“It’s not the case just because you’re discussing more minor aspects – with a more positive tone – that either side is shifting on their fundamentals.”
Boris, through all this, has remained steady on his rejection of the EU’s demands of a “level playing field” which would see the ECJ having the total power over the UK.
With the UK not calling for an extension, the EU is on borrowed time. Mr Frost, who is Britains Chief negotiator, has been told by Boris to walk away from the table in the autumn if progress isn’t sufficient so we can prepare to leave the EU on WTO.
As the German Chancellor takes control of the rotating presidency, Merkel wants to take control of these negotiations to broker a deal by mid-October. Merkel’s ambassador to the EU said: “We hope that we will have a deal by the European Council in October… We cannot be much later because it would need to be ratified at least by the European Parliament, which needs some time.”

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