EU member states “particularly p*ssed off” over UK holding ground on fisheries.

When the two sides entered into the fourth round of trade negotiations this week, reports suggested there was heightened tension in the atmosphere. Before the negotiators locked horns for the fourth time, officials from both sides said they needed to “clear the air”.

Frustrated Exchanges happened over letter. The EU accused the UK government of not doing enough, the British returned fire, saying the deal on offer by the EU is substandard, and far from a free trade agreement when compared to other third countries with EU deals, then EU responded yet again telling the UK to watch its tone.
Sources in Brussels said the two sides needed to rebuild trust to progress. An EU source said: “The negotiating teams have decided they needed to pick things up after the exchange of letters.
“This round is just a bridging operation between now and the high-level conference.
“The letter has hurt the trust; member states were particularly p*ssed off.”
More angry exchanges came from Downing Street officials after the EU claimed the UK was about to capitulate on fisheries. Downing Street quickly returned fire accusing the EU of wishful thinking.

Boris Johnson, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel will hold talks later this summer to take stock of the process. EU continues to hold hope that the UK will capitulate by extending negotiations beyond the said year-end deadline.

Negotiations are likely to build up to a political bust-up in October between EU and the UK, according to a senior diplomat.
Boris Johnson’s team is still adamant that Britain will leave the EU on time, without an extension, making sure the UK leaves with a real Free Trade Agreement, without interfering rules from the EU, or on WTO rules.

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