UK fishing organisations tell British negotiators “Stand firm on fisheries”

Prime minister Johnson is being urged to rid of the common fisheries policy, by leaving the EU, in its entirety, on the 31st December 2020. The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is calling on British negotiators to stand firm on their redlines after the EU urges Britain to move on fisheries.

The executive of the Federation, Elspeth Macdonald, said: “There must be no concessions and access to fishing waters, other than those granted through annual negotiations, as an independent coastal state.”

Brussels is pushing their agenda, once again, in the hope, Britain steps down on their demands. EU officials state the British negotiators could move on their stance on fisheries to make advances in the negotiations. This attempt to crowbar a way though has made fishing organisations come out in support of Boris Johnson negotiators, urging them to stand firm on fisheries.

Ms Macdonald said: “It’s absolutely key that we leave the Common Fisheries Policy at the end of this year. And there is no reason why that shouldn’t be the case.”

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations chief executive, Barrie Deas, said: “Given there is a line down the middle of the Channel, you could expect zonal attachment to be something a little bit more equal.

“If there is any change to those quota shares or any other aspect that affects French fishermen, as day follows night there will be blockades – they’ve done it for much less in the past.”

He added: “We want to secure the UK’s future as an independent coastal state and all that follows from that in terms of fair quota shares, and the benefits for our coastal communities.”

To counter the EU’s false propaganda, Mr Johnson’s officials state: “This is wishful thinking by the EU. We have always been clear there is no question of splitting the difference on level-playing field or fish,” the spokesman said.

“We aren’t compromising on this because our position on this is fundamental to our status as an independent, sovereign country. Any agreement has to deal with this reality.”

A UK Government spokesman said: “On fisheries, the Political Declaration clearly sets out that a separate agreement should be in force in July, ahead of the other agreements, but the EU continues to push for one single overarching agreement.

“We are fully committed to agreeing fishing provisions in line with the Political Declaration, but the EU continues to insist on access to UK fishing waters in a way that is incompatible with our future status as an independent coastal state.

“We will not agree to arrangements that are unbalanced and against the interests of the UK fishing industry.”

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