Theresa May questions Boris Johnson on Brexit negotiations

Today Mrs May decided to question Boris Johnson about what Brexit would mean for data sharing and border security. Theresa Mays premiership was one of the worse periods for democracy as May fought for the EU in the British parliament instead of fighting for Britain in the EU. If Theresa May had her way again, we would be leading for another extension.

The Bruges Group took to social media thwarting: We don’t need to hear Theresa May’sMay’s opinion about Brexit, or our post-transition relationship with the EU.

“Her Government failed comprehensively to deliver on the instructions of the British people, which is why Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister.”

The Express reported, Director Robert Oulds saying: “Theresa May had nearly three years to negotiate a deal.
“Her whole negotiating strategy was to hold her hands up in the air and do anything the EU demanded.
“Her premiership was an embarrassment to her, the Conservative Party and the country.
“A dignified silence would not go amiss, and that would help Theresa May’sMay’s reputation in the long run.

“Theresa May failed in Europe, and Boris Johnson has succeeded – the way forward is not a Theresa May strategy of capitulation.
“It is to stand firm against the EU. Then Brussels will do the right thing and come to a free trade agreement whereby everybody wins.
“If not the European Union will find itself in even more economic difficulties.
“Boris Johnson knows the way forward – unfortunately, Theresa May did not.”

1 thought on “Theresa May questions Boris Johnson on Brexit negotiations

  1. May was and is a total failure. She does not believe in democracy. All she was doing was running to wherever Merkel was in the world for the next chapter to play out. She blatantly lied to her cabinet, parliament as well as the country. Also part of May’s issue, she would rather listen to what the corrupt and incompetent civil servants like Sedwill were saying rather than what parliament were instructing her to do. She also had a domineering bunch of .remainers in her cabinet, the likes of Hammond, Hunt and many others. At no time did she ever listen to the country, it was all about what she wanted and what the corrupt civil servants wanted. Nobody or anything else mattered, as long as the corrupt civil servants were smiling and her remainer cabinet were smiling, then she was smiling. To this day, I still do not know how she was ever re-elected as an MP, most certainly after the revelations of what she had been up to with the EU and what her old man was and probably still is hoovering up government contracts through the back door, G4S is a prime example of what he hoovered up, all through insider information. I have no doubt that it is still happening and corrupt civil servants are still getting the brown envelope.

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