The Scottish First Minister sided with the EU, bragging how she tried to derail Brexit.

Its come to light that in February 2019, Nicola Sturgeon, The Scottish First Minister, was found cosying up with French President Emmanuel Macron as they met to open up a new Scottish Government Office in the French capital. While Sturgeon was in Paris, she also met with the foreign affairs committee of the lower house of the French parliament to express that she wants to boost relations between France and Scotland. 

During her visit, The First Scottish Minister was doing her best to describe Brexit as regretful, while pushing her concerns about a British exit from the EU. Nicola promoted the thought and agreed with the EU that an extension to the negotiations was inevitable. 

While Theresa May was in charge, Sturgeon explains that she did all she could for two years in her attempt to derail Brexit. At the meeting in Paris, Ms Sturgeon said: “The old alliance goes back 700 years or more, and we want to refresh it for modern times. 
“It’s more important than ever, given Brexit, that we demonstrate to Europe and the world that Scotland is outward-looking and open and we want to continue to do business and develop friendships with countries all over the world. 
“I still hold hope; it may be a slim one, that Brexit might not happen. We don’t yet know whether come the end of March; the UK will leave with a deal, leave without a deal or maybe not leave at all. I’m not giving up hope yet. 
“I also hope, if the UK does leave the EU, one day in the not too distant future Scotland may come back to the EU as an independent country.” 

When Theresa May was in charge, Nicola made demands: “The first thing she should be doing is requesting an extension of the Article 50 process. “My preference then would be for the issue to go back to the people in another referendum because the people have so much more information now than they did two and a half years ago. “At the very least, she needs to remove the negotiating red lines that are constraining the position she is in so dreadfully and creating the problems she is now encountering.” 

Mr Barnier insisted UK withdrawal from the EU was a “lose-lose” for either side, stating no-one – not even Nigel Farage – had revealed there was any “added value” to the UK’s departure.
He said that meant the upcoming natural next step in trade negotiations was “damage limitation”, and if no agreement was attained that could result in “even more results” at the worst time possible, given that the coronavirus pandemic.
Leading Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen said the demands Mr Barnier was making were “untenable”.
“No nation would be expected to comply by so-called level playing field rules today and in the future or to commit to allowing unfettered access to their fishing waters in perpetuity.
It comes as the First Minister Arlene Foster of Stormont called for minimum Brexit checks on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

How times have changed since 2019. Since May was ousted, destroying the remainers dream of derailing brexit, Boris Johnson won the conservative leadership, we removed our selves from the membership of the EU and were expected to leave the EU in its entirety on 31st December 2020 with an FTA or on WTO rules.

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  1. Sturgeon should be swimming with her name sakes, but with a concrete block around her ankles. She is a very dangerous, I was going to say woman, but I am not sure that is correct and Johnson has got to silence her once and for all. Maybe it is about time there were some dirty politics involved here. Johnson should instruct Mark Sedwill to dig the dirt and ensure the media are briefed thoroughly. As Sedwill is a past master at briefing the media to embarrass whoever, he is the only real candidate to dig the dirt on Sturgeon. As long as the dirt sticks and it fades into a distant memory of the political dustbin.

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