Sturgeon wants another extension!

At today’s Scottish COVID 19 press conference, The Scottish First Lady suggested that the majority of Britains would understand if there was an extension to these negotiations due to the coronavirus pandemic. If that happened, Britain would remain in the Customs Union and Single market, being ruled by Brussels. It would also cost Britain billions of pound, which could have been spent on Britains economic recovery.

First Minister said: “My views on a no-deal Brexit are well-known and my views on the UK Government ploughing ahead with a potential no-deal Brexit at the end of this year, regardless of everything we’re dealing with, is that it is deeply irresponsible and reckless.
“We’d make an already acutely difficult situation economically much, much more worse.
“So I would say very directly to the UK to think again and do what I think the majority of people would probably think is sensible in the midst of a global health crisis.
“It’s not to compound and exacerbate, but it is to seek an extension which I think is sensible. Whether or not the Government will do that, you’d have to ask them.
“They appear to be pretty resolute in their refusal to do that, but I hope common sense prevails.”

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